Alright I’m about to tell you guys about this crazy dream I had the other night.  In dreams, anything is possible; flight, time travel, pet elephants; but usually my mind decides to focus on the mundane and the ordinary.  One night I spent an hour at a glass table drinking a glass of orange juice.  I mean come on subconscious, at least make it something cool, like some sort of sweet pomegranate juice, I really don’t care, but orange juice?  So the other night I actually had a sweet dream.  You know when moms tell their kids “Sweet dreams” and other corny stuff like that, well, I had a sweet dream.  Thanks Mom.  So this dream.  I don’t remember how it started (just like in that movie Interception with Cleo DiCaprio), but the first thing I realized was that I was sitting on some high cliff overlooking a lake.  Now I’m not talking Mount Everest high, but I’d say it was a good 20-30 feet above the water (pretty freaking high).  I was with three of my friends, JJ, Hayden, and Tim.  We were in all-white suits (the classy kind), and we had lifeguard whistles and those red floatable things that most lifeguards have, not the tubes but those long stick things, which in all reality would not be able to save anyone over 50 lbs.  I’ve always wondered why the abbreviation for “pounds” is “lbs.”  No idea.  But that’s for another time.

Anyway, we were overlooking this lake, which was teeming with people.  I don’t use that word lightly; this lake probably had 200-300 people in it.  Excessive.  All of a sudden, this elderly woman started splashing around, clearly in some sort of serious peril.  Then, as if we had all practiced it a hundred times, the four of us stood up and did a little dance, nothing too fancy, just a little jig sort of deal, and this music came down from the heavens, it started playing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns n’ Roses.  Right as the opening riff came in, we all dove from this cliff.  In this dream I loved it.  My hair was flowing, I had a wicked tan, and we all looked good.  I mean we looked good.  We hit the water with little to no splash (quite something after dropping 30 feet) and began to swim towards this woman.  We saved her so fast it was scary.  People loved us, they were slapping us 5, chest bumping us, and one young lass was actually crying with satisfaction.  Our white suits had somehow turned into crazy swimming trunks (also white), and they apparently had some water-repelling quality to them because I wasn’t wet at all.  We went over to our car, a white convertible with red leather seats, and hopped in like they do in action movies (you know, over the side and sliding across the hood real smooth).  Apparently we always had Raspberry Lemonade after we saved someone, because it was there waiting for us, and JJ’s had extra sugar in it just like he wanted it.  I don’t know what kind it was, but kudos to whoever made that shit, it was unbelievable.

There we were, reveling in sweet victory and even sweeter lemonade, when BAM! the little red light on our dashboard goes off.  The driver, I think his name was Glenn, threw the car into gear and we shot off.  I’m pretty sure this car had magical powers, because as soon as we started going it went into light speed (like they do in Star Wars), and “Paradise City” by Guns n’ Roses started blasting out of the speakers.  We all loved it; we were doing cheers with our lemonade and high-fiving and singing as loud as we could.  Tim had a guitar and he was shredding, it was amazing.  Then we got to another lake filled with more old people, and essentially did the exact same thing.

If there was a camera or someone watching me while I slept I probably would have been doing swimming motions with my arms and legs, that’s how awesome this dream was.



One thought on “Dreams

  1. Lbs comes from libra, which is Latin means a pound weight (“libra pondo,” the English only took the second word, lazy bastards).

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